Brussels to Torronto

Brussels to Torronto

My first trip crossing the ocean.

I started off in Belgium’s international airport at around 5 am. For a plane to take me to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. I am greeted by an empty departure hall with not much going on.

Boarding, on my way to Amsterdam.

Then after like 30 minutes flying time a little bit of a sunrise and arriving at Schiphol.

Departure from Schiphol airport for a somewhat longer flying time. I was seated next to a lovely German couple, unfortunately they only spoke German and my German is very rusty, so not much of a conversation, although they did help me fill out the customs form.

A few hours into the flight I saw Greenland, which is not green at all 🙂

About 7 hours later, getting ready to land at Toronto Pearson Airport. Looks like the weather is much better here then in Europe.

Now just need to get our rental car and driving my first ever automatic car (In Europe we mostly drive stick shift cars) on the 4 series highways to Wasaga beach.

2 thoughts on “Brussels to Torronto

  1. Are you planning on going outside Brussels?

    There are trains that can definitely take you from the airport (just go all the way down the escalators) to anywhere in Belgium. See this site:

    In your case I suggest from: “Brussel-Nat-Luchthaven” to “Brussel-Centraal” (Brussel-Nat-Luchthaven is the airport station, Brussel-Centraal is the train station in the center of Brussels, you also have Brussel-Noord and Brussel-Zuid)

    There are orange ticketing kiosks all over the airport where you can buy your train ticket.

    I would also like to mention that driving in Europe in general is a lot more “hectic” than in Canada, but depending where you are going renting a car might be the better option.

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