Mark validation errors

Mark validation errors

I faced a problem today that I needed to give controls, that failed validation, an error class.
I found this little gem online:

function WebForm_OnSubmit() {
var errorControls = new Array();
if (typeof (ValidatorOnSubmit) == "function" && ValidatorOnSubmit() == false) {
for (var i in Page_Validators) {
try {
var control = document.getElementById(Page_Validators[i].controltovalidate);
if (!Page_Validators[i].isvalid) {
errorControls[errorControls.length] = control;
control.className = "";
} catch (e) { }
for (var i in errorControls) {
errorControls[i].className = "errorClass";
return false;
return true;

Where “errorClass” is the class you want to give your controls.

Thank you aspforums.

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