SNI not working in IE

SNI not working in IE

We have a setup of an Nginx + Apache based web server, that uses SNI (Server Name Indication) to determine the website certificate to use. Now I knew that SNI doesn’t work on windows XP, but today it failed on Windows 7 using IE 10.

There is an error with this website’s security certificate.

Turns out that anti virus software such as McAffee can turn off some settings in IE.

The settings in question to tackle this problem are under

Internet options >> Advanced >> Scroll down to security >> Make sure all TLS check boxes are checked
Tweak IE internet options

Close and open IE and you should have no more certificate errors when going to the site in question.

Thanks to this article.

On a side note if you don’t want to use SNI, the only other option, to my knowledge, you have is to use a separate IP address for each domain on which you want to enable https.

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