Install pac rom on Samsung Galaxy S4

Install pac rom on Samsung Galaxy S4

I wanted to install a custom rom on my Galaxy S4 for a while now and I started out with CyanogenMod and just hopping back and forth between that and the stock TouchWiz.

A few days ago I discovered the pac man rom or pac rom for short. It combines the best elements of the three major roms out there for the moment (CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android and AOKP) into one highly configurable rom.

First a big disclaimer warning, this will void your warranty so if you don’t want that, stop reading now.
Second warning, as with all phone tinkering, this could potentially brick your phone. Mind you I’ve now reinstalled this phone so much and only soft bricked it once but it is a risk. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, do not read on, you have been warned.

Ok, so without further adieu lets get going.

Software you will need

Odin v3.07
Just unzip this anywhere

The latest Clockwork mod recovery:
I downloaded the non touch version for the Galaxy S4 (i9505), you will end up with a .img file that will need to be converted, but more on that later.

The rom itself:
At the time of writing the Release Candidate 3 was the latest so I went with that one. Download the 2 files, a zip and an md5 hash verification file.

Google apps package:
Without this you won’t get any google apps simple as that. I chose the CM 11.0 Android 4.4.x version, but this will vary on your chosen rom version.

And the last thing is the converter utility to convert the img recovery file into a odin flashable file.
Download it from here:

Once you have all that, plug your phone into your computer and transfer 3 files to the external SD card of your phone. If you don’t have an external SD card or something else to put the files on you cannot continue as we will return the phone to factory settings.

Files to transfer: The 2 rom files and the Google apps zip file.

Boot into download mode

Once there safely copied and after you make sure there is nothing on your phone you haven’t backed up (like pictures, video’s and apps), reboot into download mode by holding the volume down and the home button during the reboot cycle.

Unzip the converter and  move the img file into the same folder as the bat file and rename it to “recovery.img”.
Open the bat file with your favourite text editor and change the following line:

bin\tar -H ustar -c recovery.img > recovery.tar


bin\tar --group=1 -H ustar -c recovery.img > recovery.tar

Once that’s done run the bat file by double clicking it and you should end up with a “recovery.tar.md5” file.

Folder structure

Once you’ve done that and the phone is connected to the computer, start up odin and you will see a blue indicator on top and a message in the message window saying connected.

Select the tar.md5 file by clicking on PDA.

Odin done

Leave everything else as it is and click on start.
You should end up with the screen above, congratulations you just flashed a custom recovery to your phone.

Boot into recovery mode

Next boot into recovery mode by holding down the volume up and home button.

Once that is done

Image courtesy of

Select “wipe data/factory reset“, then “wipe cache partition” then “install zip from sd card“. Navigate to the sd card, should be external/sdcard then flash the rom zip first then the Google apps zip.

Reboot once more

Reboot your phone and enjoy pac rom (starting up the first time can take a bit)

This procedure will work with other roms too by the way.

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