Steam stuck/freezes on installing update

Steam stuck/freezes on installing update

Recently my steam game updates would halt on the install part. I tried to verify local game cache like most people suggested but to no avail. I check the directory user rights but all those where correct too.
Then I found the following fix that worked for me.

Homefront stuck on install
Homefront stuck on install

Exit steam by going to the main tool bar click Steam >> Exit. You will be presented with the following dialogue.


Press Exit now.

Start the windows task manager by right-clicking on the windows bar and select Task Manager.


Find the Steam Client Bootstrapper entry and right-click >> end task. If you can’t find it, Steam got shutdown gracefully and you can proceed.

Navigate to your steam apps directory and locate all *.acf files.


Find the corect one that corresponds to your game you are trying to fix and change the extention. Ex: *.acf to *.acf.old.

Start your Steam client. The game should now be “grayed out”.


Press Install game….


After steam verifies your local files and/or downloads missing content. The game should be ready to play.

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